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Crack monitor zi-2.0 (Kit 30 pcs)

Buy Crack monitor zi-2.0 (Kit 30 pcs)

Economical, compact, inconspicuous and easy to use.

Warehouse (Russia): In stock
$160 $135
Crack monitor zi-2.0 - economical, compact, inconspicuous and easy to use model of 2020.

The Crack monitor zi-2.0 has several important differences from other models of crack monitor of the ZI series:

  1. Low cost when buying packages of 30 pieces.
  2. Stealth. The zi-2.0 crack monitor is smaller and all the plates are made of transparent material.
  3. Specially configured installation sites for more reliable adhesive contact during installation.
  4. A new way of fixing the plates to each other during installation - using the rubber ties included in the package.

At the same time, all the main advantages of the ZI series crack monitors were preserved in this model.

There is perhaps only one drawback of the new model - it is not compatible with new elements of the construction of “Combo” surveillance devices.

Accurate measurements using electronic measuring instruments (such as a digital vernier caliper) are carried out using the reference holes provided in the crack monitor design.

Scope of delivery (kit composition):

  1. Crack monitor zi-2.0 - 30 pieces
  2. Rubber ties - 60 pieces
  3. Instruction manual
  4. Bonus - Crack width comparator - 1 pcs
Количество осей для визуального наблюдения 2
Количество осей для точных наблюдений 1
Фотошаблон на пластине со шкалой No
Возможность установки в углах конструкций No
Величина монтажного зазора между пластинами 0 мм
Крепеж в комплекте No
Дополнительная комплектация No

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