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Crack monitor zi-2u (Corner Tell-Tale) 5.00 1

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Crack monitor Zi-2u - Gauge for monitoring cracks in the corners of the building (Corner Tell-Tale)

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Crack monitor zi-2u - Gauge for monitoring cracks in the corners of the building (Corner Tell-Tale)

Corner crack monitor zi-2u is used to monitor the cracks in the corners of buildings. Monitoring of cracks in structures with conventional crack monitor can be difficult if the crack runs in the corner pairings wall - a wall, a wall - ceiling or wall - floor. Initially, the lighthouse was designed for installation in the inner corners, but in some cases it is possible to use crack monitor zi-2u and outside (external) angles. Accurate measurements are possible movement on one axis - perpendicular to the fracture (fracture width change - its opening / closing). Accurate measurements are performed using two metal reference points, mounted on both sides of the lighthouse. Visual observations using the existing scale in the device are possible in two axes in the plane of one of the structures. If you do not know exactly in which the plane of the designs can be deformation, it is necessary to set the two lighthouses. In this tandem using crack monitor zi-2u are fixed on the mirror structures.

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Used by professionals in surveying, inspectors and experts in buildings, engineering structures. The device passed field tests in harsh climatic conditions of Siberia over 3 years. The design of the device developed on the basis of practical long-term experience of Russian specialists taking into account modern trends and technologies of production.


Visual scale for observations
  • Range Observing axis X 20 + -20 mm
  • Range Observing axis Y 10 + -10 mm
  • Graduation 1 mm
Accurate measurements
  • Range measurement axis X 20 + -40 mm

The accuracy depends on the used measurement instruments. We recommend using digital calipers (electronic) a measuring accuracy of up to 0.01 mm (not included in delivery).


Characteristic angular
Quantity additional items in the kit 1
Quantity monitors in the kit 10
weight 0.35 kg
Axis monitoring 2

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  • very comfortably
    By October 4, 2018 13:34

    I took a simple set, but it is enough for work

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